Steve S.

"Peak Understands Athletes" | Steve S. |

My daughter is a competitive gymnast who has reached the upper levels of the sport. But along with the increase in gymnastic skills have come injuries. It started about a year and a half ago. It seemed like one problem lead to another. Her performance was impaired and she was becoming increasingly frustrated. Someone suggested physical training and we ended up at Peak Performance.

They did a full and comprehensive evaluation of her and then went to work using an individualized program aimed at not only reducing injuries but making her stronger. Within 3 weeks she began to notice the difference in both her performance and in a lack of pain from previous injuries. These days she is much stronger and much happier because she can perform her skills better. She has benefited greatly from her sessions at Peak Performance where they work to coordinate their sessions to complement her skill level in gymnastics. They also adjust their sessions to help her recover from any pains or soreness she develops while working on her gymnastic skills. They understand the needs of athletes and work in concert with them to help make them better.

We are glad we found Peak Performance and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for trainers who go beyond just “pumping iron.”