Cathie O.

"Dedication, Energy, and Passion" | Cathie O. |

I met Jenn in 2013. After many years of working out on my own, I was seeking a change in my exercise routine. I joined Peak Performance in September 2014. Since joining the small group personal training at Peak Performance, my body has been transformed. I have improved my mobility and vastly improved my body composition (lost over 20lbs and 9% body fat). I feel stronger, have more energy, I sleep better, and I have fewer overall body aches. In addition, my metabolism has increased!

The staff at Peak Performance gave me a comprehensive movement assessment, then tailored an individualized program to help me with my fitness goals. They support me, and keep me healthy, strong, and well-balanced. The periodic fitness testing they provide allows me to see my progress, from body fat percentage to the amount of lean muscle mass.

I’d like to note that over the past year and a half, no one has dropped out of our small group personal training class, and no one has been injured. I find that impressive and respectable!

As a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist, I know how to eat healthy, but what I needed was personalized fitness information.  Peak Performance did that for me, and I’ll be a long-term client! I love the dedication, energy, and passion of the Peak Performance staff!