1-on-1 Personal Training: $80/hour or $50/30 Minute Session

If you prefer individualized attention we can meet to discuss your personal goals and develop a plan to help you reach them.

Small Group Personal Training: $299/month for Two Days/Week

Small Group Personal Training includes all the perks of 1-on-1 personal client plus the camaraderie and affordability of working in a small group. You still receive individual attention, accountability, and custom program design, plus it's a great way to spend positive time with friends, family or to meet new friends!

We individualize a unique system based on your movement, current fitness, body composition, and life habits. Have you ever asked yourself why you are doing what you are doing? We live to answer that question! Our training is based on science and applied by experienced professionals.  We want to know your personal goals and how we can improve your health. Your individualized plan will include: strength training based on proper movement principles, energy system training, basic nutrition and education on the required recovery time needed.

Team Training Program: $149/Month for Unlimited Classes

Studies have shown that people with a strong support system are less likely to miss sessions and are more likely to stick with their fitness and nutrition plan. What could be more fun than working out with like-minded people, with the added the support of a fitness coach? This group format is commonly referred to as a "bootcamp."  Clients will follow the same plan but the Peak difference is that that we design our Team Training plans based upon the majority of the strength and conditioning needs in that class. The class is still limited to a smaller size group (10-12 clients) and you will receive a baseline assessment to help you maximize performance and reduce the chance of injury.





Overhead Press

VertiMax Training: Call for Pricing
The VertiMax is the fastest, most effective way to improve:
  • Speed & Explosive First Step Quickness
  • Vertical Jump Performance
  • Explosive Kicking Power
  • Stability and Balance
Program Design: 4 weeks, 2x per week, $199

Can’t work out at Peak Performance very often, but want the same quality programs as our 1-on-1 personal training clients?

Program Design offers the ability to get our programs designed to fit your schedule, gym, home, outside, etc. Program design clients also enjoy all of the other member perks that full time ones do. Program Design Includes:

  • Goals setting session
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Workout program specific to your needs (includes corrective exercises as well as specific strength and conditioning program)
  • 1-on-1 Personal Training Session to go over your program
Sports Performance Training: $80 per hour

Customized program which focuses on activities to help improve your individual sport performance.

From Rehab to Movement Performance: $80 per hour

Upon completion of your physical therapy,  Peak Performance  can offer a safe transition back to your strength and conditioning journey.

Jump Start your Results: $399 for six weeks (non-members) $249 for six weeks (members)
A complete program for sustainable lifestyle change. Our program consists of once weekly nutrition classes led by a Registered Dietitian, and three team training fitness sessions per week led by one of our certified personal trainers.  This is a great way to start your new journey to health and fitness!
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