About Our Staff


We are proud to introduce you to our highly qualified staff. Please take a few minutes to get to know us!


Jenifer Pontello, NASM-CPT, CFSC, FMS

Jenn Pontello is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Functional Movement Systems Specialist. She coaches small group strength and conditioning classes, and large group team training at Peak Performance. In addition, Jenn brings a strong business acumen to Peak Performance Fitness and Nutrition. … Read More

DJ Thompson, CFSC

DJ Thompson is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and our Head Trainer for Youth Athletes. A former professional basketball player, he brings extensive experience and a unique perspective to helping reach one’s goals. He also coaches small group strength and conditioning classes and large group team training.… Read More

Sheri Allen MPH, RDN, NASM-CPT

Sheri Allen is a Registered Dietitian who works to help people understand the connection between the foods they eat and the way they feel. She brings extensive education and experience, including the Masters program at University of NC Chapel Hill and an internship at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center.… Read More